8 lETTERS - wHY dON'T wE



The Breakdown

5 sets, 2 days of production, 2 weeks of post production and a lot of feedback.

Why Don't We's "8 Letters" music video from in conception was a lot absorb in such a shot period of time. The creatives and pre-production boards and treatment were filled with a rich story with lots of secondary and tertiary meanings and symbolism. The director spoke of subtle messages and abstract concepts rather than literal in your face music video content. It was clear this was going to be somewhat of an art piece as well as a music video. The song tells about the trials of "Love" and sharing that message with someone else. Each actor, set and performance has its own message which explains the need for 5 different sets and 5 different styles.


Saving on Cycles

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Communication and Feedback

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9 Tracking Markers

We did not have a huge budget for paint work so keeping a keen eye on each set, knowing the shots and only tracking when truly needed allowed the entire project to get completed with only 9 tracking markers in total.


Art Department to the RESCUE!

With Pre-production being limited to a single meeting between the director, director of photography, lead art department and myself we had to come up with some quick and cheap solutions for creating an exploded apartment with floating debris. When all was said and done the compromise was that the art department would handle all the large furniture and props and VFX would handle glass, smoke and debris. Art department made some killer calls on set choosing to rig up props and furniture using fishing line. On set last minute decisions on how and what props and furniture would be positioned. Here came the struggle of reducing the amount of rig removal required for these shots. A keen eye, constant set dressing and rehearsing camera moves with the director allow for some convincing footage even without VFX and was a blessing for paint fixes in the weeks to come.


Carbon Fiber 50lb. Fishing line

With the nature of the lighting on set Art Dept. went with black fishing line instead of clear/white. The lighting on set would have made the clear lines glow like fiber optics.